You will be in good hands and feel confident with Chloe

  This is an amazing place to go if you're looking for microblading. My partner went based on a recommendation from a colleague and was IMPRESSED. The staff was kind and... read more

thumb Rhett B.

  I had my eyebrows microbladed by Chloe a few ,pmtjs agp. This was my first time having my brows done, so I was super nervous. But, it was a positive... read more

thumb Nicole F.

  my eyebrows look great! I had a plastic surgeon ask me where I got mine done as she wanted to get hers done, too

thumb Jayne L.

  My Ultimate Recommendation!

I'm excited to share my love for this wonderful place, where I've been receiving top-notch beauty services for several years now. It's truly the only place... read more

thumb Genevieve H.

  I received my first lip neutralization treatment with Chloe after reading all of her great reviews and now I'm happy to share my own! Chloe was very knowledgeable and thorough... read more

thumb Julie E.

  I've gotten my eyebrows micro-bladed, waterline tattooed, eyeliner tattooed with Chloe. She is extremely professional and amazing at what she does! She is the only person I would trust and... read more

thumb Rachel B.

  Chloe was highly recommended by my friend. I was hesitant at first because this work is going to be permanent. Chloe did an amazing job including her expertise to... read more

thumb C B.

  I received eyelash extensions from Sue the day before my wedding. So glad I did! It was a relief not having to deal with fake eyelashes and glue the morning... read more

thumb Gloria C.

  Chloe is a genius artist! She really has the skills to enhance your face. Highly recommend!

thumb Kimberly V.

  A hidden gem! I had my lower lid eyeliner done and it looks so natural and no pain or swelling! I had been looking for a long time and finally... read more

thumb Cathy H.

  Chloe is a true artist! I got my top and bottom eyeliner done and it's perfect! I get a ton of compliments on her work. I know many friends who... read more

thumb susie k.

  Now, I am free to draw my eyelines & eye brows everyday.
I love all Chloe has done for me, She is a real professional.

thumb Insun L.

  I've been looking for micro blading and eyeliners for a few months until I ran into my friend one day and her eyeliners look great. She recommended me Chloe... read more

thumb Cathy N.

  Chloe is so skilled and I am so glad she and her salon survived 2020. So many other small businesses had to shutter. Thankfully, Chloe and her staff is still... read more

thumb Janine S.

  This review is long overdue. I first went to Chloe almost three years ago for brows. Yes that's the three years ago as I was lucky and the micro blading... read more

thumb Marissa S.

  Review long over due... I went to Chloe for my eyebrows over 3 years for a correction/touch up. I was very happy with the results. My brows gradually faded over... read more

thumb Christine W.

  Came for micro blading and the process was quick and not painful. Eyebrows look natural and I'm happy with the result. Highly recommend!

thumb Sarah K.

  Does Chloe need another positive review? Probably not, but she is the best of the best. I finally decided to get my eyeliner done and I should have done it... read more

thumb Christina L.

  I had an appointment at 1145, the place is very organized and clean. Chloe is professional and nice, she drew on the brows first before the micro blading. I got... read more

thumb Linh G.

  I've been going to SUE since 2019 for my lashes....she does a fantastic job and is very meticulous. The lashes last a lot longer compared my experience at other salons.

thumb P S.